• Craigslist PVA is ready to post directly. It saves you a hustle of almost 20 minutes of creating the email and then craigslist account, verifying with the phone number, etc.
  • If you do the math of 100 accounts. It saves your 2000 minutes. That is equal to almost 33.33 hours and divide that by 8 hours a day work. Now that takes 4.5 days to finish the entire job. But little consequences are always there which gives you a reason to read the next point!
  • Sometimes IP solution gives you a hard time or phone numbers does not send code for the first time then you’ve to wait 5 minutes to resend code or else craigslist itself won’t ask a phone number in the first ad and next time when you post an ad, It asks you a number. So, then again it increases communication with your employee and phone number seller if you do this yourself.
  • Since “time is money” in the online marketing world. You just need to pay a small fee to PVA Deals. After that, We take care of your entire order as per your instructions.
  • We have only used USA SMS Number to verify the Accounts.
  • You will get Yahoo email and Yahoo password along with Craigslist password.

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